A Unique Solution

Food Processing Applications

HB Techniks provides a unique high tech range of ingredient handling systems and solutions customised for the food processing industry. With superior accuracy, they are designed to help the food processing industry produce better quality products with improved safety, reduced environmental footprint with extensive cost savings.

Ingredient Handling

Raw ingredient handling is one of the most important production considerations in any large scale food manufacturing business. Consistency of measurements, spillages, manual handling and timely mixing procedures can result in production delays or have other negative effects.

Wet & Dry Goods Handling

When wet and dry ingredients are introduced to the food production process there are many things to consider. Efficiency and safety is at the core of our technology and providing manufacturers with confidence that they can supply a consistent quality product every time is what we do best.

Bulk Handling

Our unique systems and machinery can handle the flexibility of any complex requirement. Providing solutions to ensure short and long term storage of ingredients without the risk of contamination or manual errors that can happen during the production process.

What makes us different

A Unique Solution

The unique difference of hb-technik is its renowned reputation for the best designed and computerised quality ingredient management systems.  This ensures your end product is produced with 100% accuracy for bulk handling conveying and dosing. The automation of levels and line dimensions can be adapted to each customer’s request to suit the characteristics of the individual Food or Beverage Manufacturing business.


Our Ingredient Handling Solutions come with a manufacturers warranty ensuring durable long lasting equipment. We export to all global and Asia Pacific markets & have custom compliance packages to suit specific design standards.


Our global facility has an in-house team of exceptional engineers who work on test line and real life conditions to ensure the individual customer factory conditions are replicated prior to shipping

Delivery & Servicing

With our extensive Asia Pacific facilities and world wide expertise, HB-Techniks provide programmed and event based maintenance for all different types of machine lines and equipment.

Service & Support

With our extensive on-line 24x7 support across Asia Pacific, HB-Techniks provide programmed and event based maintenance for all different types of machine lines and equipment.